Travel to US on tourist visa when H4 is in 221g Admin Processing


My H1b and my family’s H4 stamping is pending in 221g admin processing at Mumbai consulate since the last few weeks. I was thinking if there is any way for my family to go to the US while this is in progress. My child’s schooling is at stake and we also have a lot of personal belongings to take care of there. Once my H1 application is approved, I can have them travel back to get their H4 visas stamped.

Is it possible and advisable to apply for a tourist visa for them while their H4 is pending in 221g?If so, what would happen to their H4 application?Any issues that could happen at port of entry?Can the experts in this forum please advise?


Applying for tourist visa could result in B-1/2 denial. The officer may reject it on the pretext that you guys have pending H-1 and H-4s and are potential immigrants and should not apply for tourist visa.

Please let me know any updates, when you got the h4 visa or did you apply b1/b2.
I am in same boat, I am in USA but my family got 221g they are waiting, please advice.

thanks in Advance.