Travel to US on H4 visa


I am currently in the USA on H1B. When I went for H1B visa stamping (along with my spouse & kid) the sponsor was Company X and visa stamping on all our passports says “Company X”. After I moved to the US my Company X got acquired by Company Y. My new employer (company Y) filed for an H1B amendment for me and the H1B amendment approval notice has arrived.

My wife and kid are travelling to the US in June and the visa stamping on their passports still says “Company X” and the visa is valid till 2016. Now my question is will my family be able to travel to the US with their visa stamping saying “Company X” and my new I-797 saying “Company Y”? Will there be any problems that my family might face at the immigration? Please suggest.

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No, there should not be any problem as the stamped H1B visa is still valid. Just make sure they carry both the copies.