Travel to India while H1B is applied and under process?

I am on L1 status for company A in US now and other company B processed my H1 B this year 2013 and received the acceptance of the application on regular quota.Meantime I have to go India in May/2013 for some emergency work.

I want to know that if I have a valid L1 visa(Valid till Feb/2014) and my H1B petition will be approved during my visit to India during May or June/2013(for 1 week)  for one week then can I travel back to US in my L1 Visa with no issues in port of entry?

is there any chance of auto status change of visa from L1 to H1 within Oct time, when I am with company A and not changed to company B.

Kindly suggest.

if you plan to return back before july you can come to US on L1 and then from US you can file COS to H1 as bfore july you cannot go for H1 stamping, but if you plan to return after July and before Oct1 then its upto USCIS to take decision whether COS from L1 to H1 is issued from US only only or you have to leave the country and go for consulate processing from India and then again enter US with H1 B stamping.