Travel to India while H1B Extension in Progress and VISA Still valid

Hi my VISA is expiring on 30 Sep 2014. My emploer is finlling the extension now with normal processing. I would be submitting documnets in this week. I am planning to travel india beween August 1st to August 30. Is it legal to go india and come back on August when i have VISA, extension filed but not answered yet. Will there be any problem at port of Entry?

I will have only 30 days left in my VISA too will that also be ok?

Shall I pay extra money and apply as Premium so I will ahve extension approved before going to India. i.e. before August 1st.

Please advice. Thanks

Hey, did you get any answer to your query? Actually i am also stuck in similar situation…

Did you get any answer for your question?

Hey , Did you get the answer for this? I am kind of stuck with same.

If possible,always try to file it in premium category and get it done quickly. For my case, at the port of entry they only asked about my passport and they saw the visa stamped passport page. My original visa was stamped till may 2017 but my relocation amendment extension was pending with USCIS which got expired on June 2016. I had traveled India in Aug-Sept 2016. Luckily I did not face any issues. I gave my dates for better clarity. Hope it clarified your doubt.