Travel to India while H1B amendment is in process

Hello All,

My H1 was filled for client A and I came to US for a different client (Client B - same employer) before an year with newly filled LCA. Following that my employer filled H1B Amendment which is still in process. (Shows case is received in USCIS website).

I have an urgent need to travel to my home country this weekend for two weeks.

  1. Can I travel back to US only with my new LCA, amendment receipt for Client B, originally approved petition for Client A. I have valid visa stamped in my passport till 2016. Am worried that whether i’ll be having any problems in Port of Entry.
  2. Is there anything that I need to take care while returning to US.

Please help…!!Thanks for your reply in advance.


  1. Yes you can travel to US with no issue2) Original approved petition ,New receipt and I129 and any paystubs from the new location that should be good.

@rahu1234… Thank you for your reply… You know someone did that earlier…?

I’m the best example and I visited india in July 1st week and returned back on aug 2nd.My h1b amendment was applied in June and it’s inprocess now also.

Thanks a lot lot @rahu1234… Your answer gave me lot of confidence… Thanks again… Did the visa officer ask any details in particular at port of entry.?

Yes…he asked me for Paystubs and employment verification letter which was given by my employer.

Employee verification letter in the sense, can I assume that deputation letter will hold good…?

^ * deputation letter - Letter given by employer detailing my salary, location etc…


I have Original approved petition and I129 for new amendment and paystubs from the new location but does not have receipt notice for amendment since my employer has lost it.

Will it cause any issue while returning to US without receipt notice?

You will anyway need your amendment (H1 petition) or your receipt notice when you travel back to US.
Please Note : When i travelled back the officer did not ask me any document.

hello Anankar, were you able to travel and come back?

Hi my h1b amendment was filed on 31 Aug and converted to premium on 17 dec. Till 22 Dec it is showing on USCIS site that date of receiving of premium is 18 Dec 2015 now they changed it to 22 Dec 2015. I need to travel to India on 25th Dec 2015. And I need to get stamping as well. Can I leave country and wait for result from India or it is not advisable. Please help as its very urgent

Yes you should be fine travelling to india and wait for your approval in india,then go to Interview with the new I797B