Travel to India while H1-B Transfer in progress and Left Employer A and Not yet joined Employer B


Hi All,

Before I Start

1) Is H1B Transfer Premium Processing resumed. I believe it is not for H1B Transfer.

Assuming it is not yet resumed.

Am with Employer A having visa valid till next year mid and Initiated H1B Transfer with Employer B and received Receipt. Then put resignation with Employer A and serving notice period for two weeks.

And there is a chance of Emergency travel to India for 10 days may need any time in between. I have few questions with that travel.

  1. Can I travel to India continuing notice period and come back and join Employer B. Or better to take back resignation.

  2. What if I need to travel in between after Employer A last day is over and before joining the Employer B. Can I come back and join with Employer B

  3. What if I need to travel after Joining Employer B before I receive approval. Travelling with Receipt. Can I come back and continue work for Employer B.

  4. Any thing to consider specifically with H4 visa. Apart from the above scenarios.

Please let me know Is it safe to switch having these constraints.


I am in similar situation. The only difference is that I have not left my current employer yet. I am actually working for both current and new employer. My current employer is remote position. My new is on-site. Until and unless my H1b transfer is approved, I will give resignation notice. It is not safe bet.