Travel to India when amendment is in progrss

My stamped visa on passport is expiring on 4th Januar2017.My company filed visa extension and it got approved toll july 2018.

Recently my location got changed so visa amendment was filed by my company. Now I have to travel India urgently but just have the receipt notice of visa amendment, it is not yet approved.

1.Can I travel to India and come back to US on my approved petition?

  1. As I have valid visa stamped till 4th january 2017 hence will go for visa interview or avail drop box facility. Will there be any problem if In DS 160 i enter it my approved petition number.

  2. Also will there be any problem at POE?

If its approved during your visit to india, you should be good as with the new visa stamping only you are gonna travel otherwise it’s a bit risky.