Travel to India in August, H1B pending and L to H COS applied


I intend to travel to India in august for 2 weeks. I am currently in US on L1B and my H1B is filed under regular and still pending (Receipt date of 12th April and EAC). I have applied for L1 to H1 COS. If I travel to India before my petition is approved, is it possible that my H1B application is abandoned? Or is it only the COS which is abandoned (in which case I am planning to attend visa interview and be back in october)?


Visakh Sankar

Hi Visakh,

Please let me know what happen in your situation.

I am planning to go outside USA for L1/L2 stamping and my H-1B is in pending and which is in RFE status.

Does your COS is abandoned? Please let me know.