Travel to India for H1B visa Stamping through Europe ?

Hi, I am travelling to India from US for H1B visa stamping in May. I have heard that if I don’t have H1B visa stamp, then I cannot travel through Germany, UK, France and other European countries and some people advised me to travel through Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar etc). I want to know what’s the exact rule. I do have the F1 visa stamp in my passport (valid till June 2016) and also the OPT EAD card (validity till July 2015) but I am not a student anymore and my status has been changed to H1B, does that mean I can travel through Europe with the previous F1 stamp and OPT EAD card? Would I need transit visa If I travel through Europe ?

You can travel, no issues… You can’t exit the airport but. You may talk to airlines if you need a clear information