Travel To India During Job Transition

Hi,I have a expired US visa stamping from my old company (X) that got expired in 4th Sep 2017 and I am currently working for the current company (Y) from Nov 2016 whose petition is valid till 30th Sep 2019. Now, since my visa is expired with in the past 12 months so I am still eligible for drop box option for the visa stamping till 4th Sep 2018. Now I got a offer from new company (Z) and they already processed my H1B and got approved till Dec 2020 and my joining date would be around Aug 27 2018.Now, I was planning to get my visa stamped around this week before I join the new company (Z) so that I can use the drop box option.Following are my Question:1. Can I go for drop box visa stamping using my current employer (Y) petition although I have another petition approved from new company (Z). Would it cause any kind of issue if I have two approved petition while going for stamping. Is there a possibility they will issue 221G administrative processing because of this ?2. What happens to the I-94 on the new company approval notice once I get back to US using the I-94 endorsed by my current employer at the PoE.3. Although I haven’t started for working for New Company (Z), can I use their H1B approval notice for travelling to India and get the H1B visa stamping done. I don’t have any pay stubs except the offer letter. That way I will get a visa validity for 2 years based on new employer petition (Z).4. Can I get the stamping done with the current employer I-797 approval notice and then show the I-797 approval notice of the new employer while travelling to USA so that I can get a valid I-94 till 2 years based on new employer I-797 Approval Notice.5. In case I don’t join the new company and tell them I will not be joining them by Aug 20. Can I still go for drop box stamping safely with my current employer before 4th Sep 2018.6. If i don’t join the new company would that unused I-797 approval notice have any impact on my H1B in future. 7. If I successfully join the new company by August 20, can i go for drop box stamping before 4th Sep 2018 using my new company I-797 approval notice.