Travel to India during COS ( from F1 to H1B )

Hello all - I have a specific situation and I need your help on how to handle this one. Your response is highly appreciated.


i am currently on F1 OPT with my OPT expiring in Dec 2014. I found an employer who has agreed to file an H1B for me this year ( on April 1 2014) but I have travel engagements. I plan to go to india mid-march and return by mid-april. My question is what happens to my H1B visa application during my travel.


1, Can I return to US on OPT during mid-april without any problems ?

2, Will the new I-94 that gets issued when I come back to US affect my H1B application which is in the process ?

3, will my COS automatically change on Oct 1 2014 ?


Please let me know as I have to make this decision very soon !
  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes, if Approved. AFAIK, U must be in US during Approval for COS

Can you please keep me updated with your situation.Facing the same scenario.Also do let me know if you have a valid F1 visa.

Help highly appreciated.