Travel to India during 7th Year of H1 visa

I had got 1 year of H1 extension(Until Sep/2016) after 6 years of H1 when my PERM was pending.

PERM was filed in Oct/2014.

My PERM just got approved. I140 is not yet filed. Currently i am having 7th year of H1 visa valid till Sep/2016.

Please let me know if i can travel to India for 4 weeks during March/2016?

I need to go to consulate for visa stamping when i am in India.

Will there be any problem at consulate as i am on 7th year?

Is it not recomended to travel to India?

what documents are required to show that my PERM is approved ?

It is possible to get visa stamped during the 7th year as well.

Your 797 approval document is good enough to show that you have been granted 7th year extension.

Will you be eligible for dropbox facility?

no. i am not eligible for dropbox