Travel outside US during H4 EAD is in pending processing

Thank you dear attorneys for your time and support here in responding to the community on immigration related questions.

Request your kind support with the below query as it applies to the latest H4 EAD processing.

My wife has a valid H4 stamped visa and we applied for H4 EAD (stand alone, first time H4 EAD) during the month of August’22 based on my approved H1b - I140. We now have a family reason to travel during Jan’23 and to be back in 30 days.

I’d like to know if the India travel plan will result in her EAD application getting a RFE or NOID (notice of intent to deny) if they attempt to process the application while she is outside the country (during the 30 days). I’ve made arrangements for her to travel back early from India in case a RFE/NOID notice arrives. Kindly advise.

Many Thanks.

EAD can keep processing while the applicant travel. It may be even approved while the applicant is out of country.