Travel on H4 after applying for H1B.


[b]I have a valid H4 visa and is planning to apply H1B in April 2014. I'm also planning to travel to US from India during May 1st week on H4 visa. [/b]

Question 1. Will this affect my H1B petition in anyway? 

[b]Now, I only want to start working in March 1st 2015 (due to health issues) instead of October 1st 2014.  [/b]

Question 2. If my H1B get approved, will my visa status gets converted to H1B automatically on Oct 1st 2014? If yes, how can I choose to continue on H4 till March 2015? 

Question 3. If I can get it extended till March 2015, what is the process to change it to H1B then. 

Question 4. Will I have to get H1B visa stamped to start working? 

Thanks a lot!

A1. No

A2. COS must be filed with H1B and approved for H4 to H1 conversion.

A3. U can wait till the H1 is approved, after that U can file COS in Jan or so, it will be approved in few weeks and then U can start working. Or else U can wait for few days after approval and then travel india and get stamped and return in march 2015 and start working

A4. U dont need to get it stamped if COS is filed and Approved, else U must go for stamping