Travel I20 has return date...can i come after that.


I need an help regarding my travel i20. MyTravel i20 has return date mentioned by DSO..but am not sure i will be back by that, can i come late like 2days.I already contacted the school but didn't get any responce yet, am running out of time could you please suggest me any other alternate or option.. Please Help.Thanks in advance.

Well, not sure what would be implications. Why dont you call you DSO or someone in your admissions office ? They can give you a new I20 issued with new dates, that should not be a problem. Just call someone in your international students office.

I already contacted the school DSO but didn’t get any response yet…i have no time that is the reason.

Well, worst case scenario, your DSO could always give you a new I20 with updated dates, if you have a valid reason. Do NOT panic.