Travel during H1b Amendment is in process - Not stamped

I am planning to travel to india during jan 2017. Amendment was filed during oct 2016 . Visa stamping not done.

Can I travel when amendment is in process (with receipt no)?

Is it possible to do premium processing and what will be the fee?

Travel means what? Just going to India? Sure, you can go without any issue during the amendment in progress.
But when you want to reenter to US, you need a stamped visa.

Yes, travel to india and while returning I need to get H1B visa stamped.

Mine is Change of Status. Will it have any issues when amendment is in process?

You are mixing up the things.
You said Amendment in your original post
Now you are saying the change of status.
Do you mean that you have initially filed a Change of Status and then filed an amendment for that COS petition and now you want to travel?
If the COS is in pending status, if you get out of the country, your COS would be rejected.