Travel and back while COS in initial review


I’m on L1 and wife on L2 EAD ,we both applied for COS to H1 this year.

our applications got selected and is in initial review. (WAC 13-139 /140

last month we went outside of US and now came back. Our application is still in initial review,so how do we update our i-94 numbers now?

anyone gone thru this before?

what are odds that COS may not be approved?

Your COS was abandoned once you left US. I remember one case where attorney submitted new I-94s as part of RFE submission and USCIS approved the H-1 w/ COS. You can try that or check w/ your attorneys if they can submit new I-94s now w/o waiting for RFE. It may or may not work.

It would be nice to know what your attorney thinks about this as there are several people who undergo this and would like to know the solution.

Thanks. We are contacting our attorney for this. Will update later

my status changed to RFE last friday. My consultancy attorney is waiting for the mail from USCIS.

now sure what that RFE is for. I’m currently working in a big Insurance company as lead developer on L2 EAD valid till feb 27 2014 (till my husbands visa expires) from past 2 years in US. Hmmm keeping my fingers crossed.