Transferring to other univ from UCM, as ineligible for masters,Planning to a univ which gives cpt from day 1.

I have placed on probation and ineligible for masters at UCM and now I am transferring to other university which gives me CPT from day 1. I have used 4 months of CPT at UCM and now again I am planning to use CPT for 6 more months which makes all together of 10 months of CPT which is fine because I am not using total 12 months of full CPT. So do this effect me in applying OPT and getting rejected ? Your valuable suggestions would give me a proper guidance. Thanks in advance.


I dont think that the months of CPT will affect the OPT process or might have a adverse effect on your application.

The only tricky thing that comes to mind is that the new university which approved day 1 CPT , the opt application depends on the status and eligibility of that university other than anything else.

P.S : I am assuming that u have already completed 9 months in USA or 2 eligible semesters before u got ur 1st CPT.