Transfer of petition

Hi all,

I came to US(Oct 2015) on H4 and I applied for H1B(March 2016) through a consultant. Fortunately petition got selected and approved as well.

I have more than 10yrs of development experience(all in India). Till now my consultant is not able to place me. I want to know that can I find a full time job on my own and get the petition transferred to the new employer. Do I need pay stubs for transfer ? Does any one have such experience? Any input is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

You can find employment with another employer, and they can file a cap-exempt petition for you.

If you are currently on H-1 status (H-1 approved w/ COS), then you would need payslips for this. If your COS was not approved or will become effective from Oct 1, then no payslips are required, if applied before Oct 1. If applied after Oct 1, you may need 1-3 payslips depending upon when the transfer/cap-exempt petition is applied.

Excellent. Thanks a lot for the response. You are doing a great job for newbie like me…