Transfer H1B

All,My current situation: H1B valid till 2020. Looking for project from last 1 month.My employer had 3 employees (H1)on his payroll (Me, Mr.X and Mr.Y). I came to USA in Feb 2016 on H1B. After a month another guy (Mr.X) came from India on H1B. Mr.Y got his H1 Transferred from another company in Aug 2015. I got a project in May and was on the client site. My employer never used to pay me on time or even if he paid it was half the amount or so. Mr.Y’s was on the payroll/bench for an year and couldn’t get a project (Aug 2015-Jul/Aug 2016). So my employer asker him to leave the company in Jul or Aug 2016 and got him sign some documents which he signed and left. Similar thing happened with Mr.X in 2017, He too did not get any project for a long time and employer asked him to leave/transfer his H1 to another firm. However when asked by Mr.X and Mr.Y for at least 2-3 recent pay stubs and experience letters, employer refused to give any. Now this frustrated both the employees and they went to DOL. DOL came to visit us and in Feb 2018 with giving us an advance notice of a month. During this period my employer tried to payback everything he owned that’s close to 40K. I found out during that time was MrX and Mr.Y were never paid any money, even if were paid it was like $200 or $400 for rent or other expenses. And even when they were hired they were told that they have to work in the employer’s workplace i.e does not have to go to client site. This situation has kept me hanging what should I do next. I do not trust my employer anymore with all other things coming forward after the audit. We haven’t heard anything back from DOL tQuestions:What are the consequences my employer is facing? Jail time or Penalities etc etcHow will it impact my work permit?If I want to change/transfer to new employer, however I do not want inform anything to my current employer and just leave in the middle of the night. Can I do that?If I can transfer, then what are the precautions should I take so that my current employer will not file any case against me? As I said I do not trust him any more. Thanks


Firstly, kudos to you for braving this situation out.

Secondly, what are you still doing there?

Thirdly, shift as soon as possible and yes you will be allowed to change companies, you will require 6 months pay stubs and other documents(which you can ask your new company).

Good Luck with your job search.