Transfer H1B stamping interview from one Consulate to other consulate -different country?

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Need your advise on the issue below;


My cousin applied H1B filed in April-2013, got seleted in lottery and received Approval notice by end of Oct-2013. He attended Visa stamping interview in Bahrain in Jan-2014, he was given 221 (g) Administrative Processing which says "We will inform you when you should return’. Upon enquiry with Embassy he was called for 2nd round of H1B visa stamping interview in Mar-14. Unfortunately he again got 221(g) with comments ‘"We will inform you when you should return’.

He is not sure when the Embassy will call him back, as you all know 221(g) might take more than 3-6 weaks.

Now the problem is, his current employement contract in Bahrain will end in Apil-2014. So he will be joining a new company either in India or other country. If the embassy in Bahrain calls him back for 3rd of interview or submission of passport (if lucky). He will not be physicall avaialbe in Bahrain and his Bahrain visa will be expired by end of Apil-2014.

Is there any possibility to withdraw/revoke the H1B Visa Stamping Application (not H1b petition) from US Consulate in Bahrain and apply for fresh visa stamping interview in India or other country wherever he is working. Is this allowed ? If so what has to be done.

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Yes, he can withdraw his 221g from Bahrain and re-apply in India. Submit a letter to the consulate in Bahrain letting them know that you are relocating to home country and want to withdraw your visa stamping and re-apply in home country.

Did they keep any original documents?

Thanks for the reply Saurabh.

Hi, I have attended Interview at Dubai consulate on Dec 24th 2013, they have given yellow slip with the case number, But status is showing administrative process in progress still now.
Shall I cancel this and re-attend the interview in India? If So, what is the process.

You can either continue to wait in Dubai for the result, or write a letter to the consulate withdrawing your case and asking them to return the documents (if they kept any originals). You can let them know that you have to leave for India and will re-appear for interview there.

What happened later? Can you please post the update, as I am also in the similar situation.