transfer h1 immediately after joining new company based on old

need urgent advice. Would highly appreciate your response.

I was on H1 with company A, transferred to company B and joined it( its been a week) but the work and policies are not suiting me.

Another employer C is still ready to do H1 trasfer based on A's salary stub and other docs.  Since I have joined company B and have not recieved salary stubs from A or B. ( in short a gap of almost 3 weeks without salary stub) . is it advisable to go ahead and let employer C file H1 trasnfer based on A's docs.?

Please assist.

Yes can process your transfer with employer C. Can you tell me is your transfer process for employer A to B is initiated and got your reciept number ?.



Thanks vivek,
Yes for A to B transfer receipt ,then 979c came in two weeks and then i joined B.
But now the only fear is if C tries to do H1 trasfer based on A, is there a possibility A has cancelled my H1 and it would cause trouble A to C transfer?
secondly, as I mentioned I will not be having recent paystubs because i have recently joined B and not completed one paycycle also, and A had stopped paystubs 2 weeks back itself when I left. what are the rules around this.

I would highly appreciate your response. Thanks

Company A’s Petition withdrawal will not affect your transfer process.