Transfer from l2 EAD to h1b


I have a scenario for which i would need your advice.

I am working on an L2 EAD with a company X since June 2015(My first job in US).
I applied for h1b on March 2015 and got approved through a consultancy Y.

My question is

I would like to transfer my h1b from Y to X . is it possible ? if yes how should i go about it ?
If company Y comes to know about this transfer , will it be possible for them to revoke my h1b ?

Thanks for reading the my query


when did you receive your approval noticeā€¦ i am in similar situation of cos from L2 EAD to H1B conversion but havent received any rejection yet so checking if they are still rolling out approval receipts.

I received approval notice 15 days back. I had done premium processing FYI.