Tourist visa applying for first time

My cousin brother’s marriage in May 2013. He is us citizen. Sending sponsorship. im 30 years of age, married, living with mother, wife & daughter, an advocate, bank balance of 20k & property worth 1 crore. i have China and Sri Lanka visa on my passport. Applying for the first time to us.Should i apply for US visa with my family or should i apply alone??? plz advice want to go on a Tourist Visa

I would suggest applying alone as the better of the two options.

Please understand that you do not have strong case as per consulate norms.

Sponsorship letter from US has limited use.Your cousin is not your immediate blood relative.

Yr bank balance is not good and it is no use adding any money now.

Property is neither seen nor asked in DS 160

In the interview you do not get chance to tell anything except answering what visa officer asks.

This is not to discourage you from applying but just to make you aware of reality.

This does NOT mean that you will not get visa.

But according to me yr chances are better if you apply alone.

Finally it is the visa officer who decides the things as per his perception of case

Thanks a lot for a prompt reply.

1)My dad’s(deceased) real brother’s son’s marriage is in May 2013.
2) I am filing Income Tax of around 5 lakhs p.a.
3) Having bank balance of Rs.20 Lakhs (In FDR’s)
4) Property worth 1 crore (Approx)
5) My mother is getting pension of around Rs.7000/- every month
6) My wife is also working as Teacher and earning Rs.9000/- every month
7) I am an advocate
8) I have a kid studying in Kindergarden(K.G)
8) My dad’s real brother is US citizen and sending sponsorship for attending marriage.

Once again i am asking should i apply alone or should i apply with my family.

Thanking you in advance.

Additional information provided now -but not mentioned previously -has now made yr case better.
There is limit to what income you can show. It can not be too much more than last income tax return.
You may claim an income of Rs 50000 to Rs 55000 p.m.
Item no 4, 5 are irrelevant. Though FDR s matter , you may not get a chance to show or state about them.
Though yr case is not bad now , it is not very strong either.
However if you are keen on all 3 of you traveling to USA , you may apply for 3 of you.But you alone applying will some what increase yr chances.