Took appointment for my future wife H4 visa interview for company A.

I have a question about my wife’s H4 visa.

Currently i am working for company A in US on H1B. In November i am going to India to get marry and i already set an appointment date for my wife alone to attend the visa interview after marriage through company A.(Marriage date is 2nd Nov & Visa interview Date is 8th Nov).I am not going for visa interview as my visa is still valid.
Now, Company B offering me a full time job and they want to apply for my visa transfer ASAP.My plan is to put the resignation for company A after i come back from india with my wife(if she gets the visa) on Nov 18 and join Company B.
My question is, do i need to apply for my wife’s visa transfer from company A to company B if i join company B?Please suggest.Thanking you in advance...