To change the job after 3 months

Hi ,

One of my friend is on a new H1b. He started working from november and its been only 2 months that he is working on H1b. His project is for one year.

Now, he got a good opportunity in a different state.He wanted to know if it makes any impact if he leaves the current job and join in another state .

His company is ready to file new LCA in different state.But, what impact it will have on his resume if he works only for 2 months with the client and what problems will he have when he goes for stamping immediately.

Does he needs to ammend his H1b for stamping ?

Is this change of job from client A to client B within 2 months and going to stamping just after joining B will it become an issue ?

What is the risk involved in this . Even he doesn’t go for stamping ? Any risk involved in it ?

Legally, it is ok to change employers just after 2 months. As long as he maintains legal status (i.e. gets paid all the time), this should not impact the outcome of the stamping or trasfer.

The only risk is that H-1 transfer might be denied (for other reasons) or you may run into issues during stamping (again due to other reasons).

Hi Saurabh, in his case employer (who sponsered H1b is same ).
He is currently working with client A, chicago and he wants to change Client B,CA . So, how will it impact in H1b transfer and stamping .

Because, his employer (H1b sponsor ) is ready to file new LCA in different state. But,again is H1b amendment required is a concern .

and he is not transferring his H1b Visa as well.

The employer will have to file a new LCA followed by H-1 amendment. LCA processing is simple and during H-1 amendment, USCIS will again look at the offered position etc. As long as he has the right documentation, it should go through.