To apply H1 here and then go to India for stamping

My L1B validity : Till June 2012.
i-94 date : Till May 2013.

Currently working here on L1 since have a valid I-94 date. If I apply for H1B in 2013 finding some employers. I will be required to be in India once the employer has filed for H1B , since I dont have a valid visa,I-94 dates after May 2013. My questions are

  1. Will there be any issues applying here and then going back to India and go for stamping there.

  2. Do i need to take care of anything during application since i have to go for stamping back home.

You should not have any problem applying here and going for stamping in India.

But if you apply in April, you can only come back to work in October 2013 only. Generally, you need to have a valid project in hand while you go for the visa interview. If you dont have any, the chance of getting the visa is very less.

Thanks for your quick response.