To apply for an H4 EAD outside USA

Can the H4 Visa holder need to enter USA with their H4 Visa to apply for H4 EAD or do we have an option to apply for H4 EAD from outside of USA if the same person has been in USA for 3 years in L1 Visa and has SSN, Old I94 with L1?

To apply for EAD, you need to be in H-4 status, and you will be in H-4 status only when you are inside US. So, you cannot apply for H-4 EAD when you are outside of US.

Thanks Saurabh for the details. Once we are inside US and in H4 status after applying for H4 EAD, can we go out of US after the EAD is being applied?

You can leave US after applying for EAD. However, someone should be present in US to take care of any RFE that USCIS may issue. I assume you will enter on stamped H-4 visa in this scenario.

Thanks Saurabh for the update.