time taken to receive H1B transfer receipt number regular

My H1B Transfer is filed in regular (non premium) on 4/8/2016.

When can i expect a receipt number. Any response in this response is highly appreciated


Receipt number should be received within 1-2 weeks. SLA is 30 days though.

Hi Prannu,
I am in same kind of situation. Applying for H1b transfer now.
It would definitely help if you can update a comment here once you receive the receipt number.
I have been looking for this info on whole internet. So it would definitely help me and others to have the reality check.

Did u get the receipt number and when…please update us…that will help for lot of us in same situation.

Receipt numbers (for non-premium) are usually received in 2 weeks. It takes 3-4 weeks in april due to high volume of H1b processing petitions…

I received receipt # in 3 weeks… (last year april)

Hi Everyone,
I came to know my receipt number based on the cashed checks on 5th May.
Assuming will receive receipt notices in the week of 8th May 2017. My petition was received by uscis on April 18th so we can say it’s taking 3 weeks to receive the receipt notice through mail.

Hope this gives some reality check. As Saurabh mentioned SLA is 30 days. So at the max we would be receiving receipt notice with in that time.