Time taken for GC after H1B approval

How much time it takes to process GC after H1B approval? We are trying to process H1B through a consultant who will be eventually able to process GC also.

Also want to know, is it easier to get GC with L1A visa?

Time for GC depends upon lot of factors:

  • job recruitment process: can take around 6 months

  • PERM processing: can take 2-12 months

  • I-140 processing: can take 2-12/24 months

  • I-485: can be filed only when the dates are current for your EB category and country. Current date for EB-2 India is 2004, while for EB-3 India is 2002.

GC through L-1A can be filed in EB-1 category which gets the GC within a year.