Time limit between when I leave the US to get a visa renewed, and when the application is processed?

I have an h1b extension with an approved petition.
I left the US end of May. Applied for my visa renewal end of July when the embassy in my country opened.
My visa expired end of August, so I can’t come back until the visa is processed. Now I’m being told there has been too much time between when I left the states and when the visa app has been processed. Is this a unique situation? Is it even a valid issue?

Who is telling you this and what is the concern? Is the concern about entering back to the US after long time?
If the H1B job exists for you in the US, you can enter any time after getting your visa stamped.

Trying to get my visa while in my home country. It’s taken so long, and the lawyer told me this. That the max limit between when I left the US and when the visa application can be processed is 120 days.