Time for getting Approval Notice from USCIS

Hi all,

My H1B petition is approved on SEP16, and status states that “, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129”. How long will it take to receive the document. Any info on this will be helpful

Vishal, It should be usually anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks of time. Your attorney would get the documents. As USCIS sends using USPS, it may take some additional time as well. Just need to wait, no need to worry. If your attorney does not get anything within 30 days, they can reach out to USCIS by calling the customer service.

Thanks Kumar… my attorney received it and they have sent to my employer … one question… the current situation in US will effect stamping… can i attend stamping

It should not affect the visa stamping. Again, it is very sentimental right ? If you are not in any pressing need, you can delay it by couple of weeks, so that this shutdown will be over…In general, it should NOT have any impact…

thanks kumar… that info is bit relaxing. however am planning after october 14 th… mine is inhouse project … can you please guide me for how to prepare for stamping …for inhouse prject… and i have recieved an RFe On my petition before approval… any help will be really helpful