Time delay between one contract to another - H1 visa


My friend is on H1 vis and working as contractor for Pharma company. He completed 2-year contract and now its almost two weeks his H1 sponsor (American consultant) did not find another contract. Can he take this 2 weeks or another week as timeoff because recruiter is not paying him during this 2 week bench period. Will there be any issue if he could not get another contract within 3 weeks. My friend also trying for C-2-C contracts and could not find any till now.

Please suggest how to handle the situation.

Can he request H1 sponsor to change the recruiter assigned for him because that lady is not responding to my friends emails or phone calls. My friend sent 2-3 contract positions available in different states and requested her to forward his resume and she didnt get back to him from 2-3 days.



Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks

Any one Please answer this question.

Yes. he can be on leave. Request must be made to change recruiter.

Hi Thank you for your suggestion. How many weeks he can be on leave if he could not find new contract in the next week (next week will be 3 weeks on bench). Also, he is not sure how we can request for change of recruiter and whom we should send an email to change the recruiter. He knows only emplorye relationship manager who takes care of timesheets or issue in pay check, etc.