Three payslip to change job on H1B

Hi I came to US just a month back on H1B visa. Now I want to switch my company but I heard at least three payslips are required before I can change. Is this true or can I change my company with just 1 payslip. Please advise. Thanks

3 payslips are required when you change employers after at least 3 pay periods. So if you are paid monthly, then 3 payslips are needed if changing after 3 months. If you are paid bi-weekly, then it will be required after 1.5 months

If you change employers in less than 3 pay periods, then payslips for only those <3 pay periods is required. In your case, you need just the pay slip for that 1 month.

Payslips are used to demonstrate that the person is maintaining legal status in US. When a person has stayed for more than 3 pay periods, it is enough just to show in-status for most recent 3 pay period. If the person has stayed for less than 3 pay periods, then entire tenure needs to be shown (i.e. all payslips).