Thinking of US at 35 is right?


	I have came across []( few months back when I just had a thought if I could think over. The information on the website encouraged me all the more for considering the option.

	Thank you for providing wonderful information


	I would like to share my current status and situation:

	Please allow me to introduce my self. My name is Radhika.

I have studies B.Com and general MBA from a local B-School here.

I did Post graduation at fairly later stage in the year 2008-2010 from an average institute, since I thought that was the best option to hop inn.


Previously I was running my own business but due to capital problems and labor I could not take it forward. 


So out of desperate situation, I opted to pursue pvt PGDBM. I cleared with good marks and now I am placed with one of the renowned travel company.


However, due to late education and less power of degree this does not allow me to do much. I work with executive people and girls of my age earn 150% more than me. there is no scope of escaping the route of hierarchy here.


As you will be aware, If one is MBA only from top 5 B-School then they get excellent packages, but not all colleges offer the same.


I have been always excellent at academics and now I would like to seriously understand is there any scope if I plan to come to US I can do much rewarding all the way and do excellent for myself in next 10 years?


Is there any way I can shape or think about some option?

or is it too late to look into it?

I am now too focus to do the best and want to do excellent for my self. I am single and can think about.



My concerns are " If I take any next step, I shall make it larger than Life. If I plan now , I would like to do some very well recognized course like CPA or something which has good demand and I can do well.

will it be a disadvantage to begin too late?




I will appreciate if you can throw some light on the situation


It is never late to puruse higher education in US.  First, you need to understand your [Goal for MS in USA. ]( Pursuing higher education in USA is a committment not just from time perspective but financially.  With your background, you could consider doing MS in Finance or something that is related to business. The immigration rules have changed quite a bit over the last couple of years and you need to be proactive and agressive to secure a job.  Getting higher education from US does not necessarily guarantee you job in the US as you would need a H1B sponsor to work after your graduation. To  get sponsorship, you would have to put in extra effort and be proactive...

Put all your goals on a piece of paper and your current financial status. Talk to few people and get their advice and then make a decision based on the facts, risk yo wish to take...

I agree with Kumar. Also, stop talking as if you are dying at age 35, calling it late stage, too old etc etc. People change careers here in the USA at age 65. By that standard you are not even a teenager right now. So pretty up your resume and send it to us, I would love a copy. Let us see how high we can get you to fly.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Academic Advisor (India and Middle East) to The Executive Director, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.