the result of the H1-B lottery

When will I know the result of the H1-B visa lottery? My lawyer told me that the check she helped me wrote to the government hasnt been deposit. Nothing new or updated from the government. However, as far as I know most of my friends already got response from their lawyer that they either win the visa lottery or got rejected.

I got nothing new heard back from my lawyer. I have master degree. My lawyer is not responsive. Can anyone help me? I really want to know when is the last day will I know that whether I got the H1-B lottery or not. I have been expecting the result since the end of April

Thank you so much for the help

Your not rejected until you get your packet back or a notice stating your case of not being selected in the lottery. Wait patiently, or you may ask your employer/lawyer to call USCIS with your petition details and ask about the petition status.