The I-94 has H4 written and my valid status is H1B

While entering US the officer wrongly wrote H4 on my I-94 while my status is H1B. I tried calling the CBP but they say that I-94 has not come to the system. Does H4 I-94 takes time to come to system really? I am not getting SSN bcos of this.

Can anyone tell me the possible ways of getting it corrected.

Vaishali, You need to get your I-94 corrected at the earliest. My friend once had this issue & he visited the port of entry airport to get it corrected. The other way is to get an apointment to the nearest CBP office & explain the situation. This sure is going to delay your SSN process.

do u know any instance in which the I-94 gets delayed coming to system.

Newark airport CBP officer are saying that it will take 3 months to come to system.

It may take 2-3 weeks. I am guessing this time frame from the information gathered from SSA office. They also rely on I-94 to get updated in the system before issuing SSN.

If you have an attorney, ask them to file an application w/ USCIS.