The EB2 India advances to January 1, 2008?


What does it mean when it is published that "The EB2 India cutoff date, effective during August 2013, advances to January 1, 2008" ? 

Does it mean those who were having priority date between April 2004 till Janurary 1, 2008, are now eligible to apply for I-485? Because earlier cut-off date was April 2004 or so. Now it has become January 2008. 

Please clarify the meaning of above statement I see in some sites including Appreciated. 

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This means if your EB-2 priority date is prior to Jan 1, 2008, then I-485 can be filed.

Chances are that this date will be pushed back in Oct bulletin.

Thanks Saurabh for prompt response. I thought date will not be pushed back in Oct. bulletin based on my conversations with experienced friends. But from your email, I see chances of pushing back is there :frowning:

They have moved the dates to 2008 to generate demand and ensure there are no unused visa numbers. This will be retrogressed when the new fiscal year starts. Same thing happened when EB-2 moved till May 2010 and was then retrogressed to 2004.