Tax Calculation in US

Hi all,

I moved from India to US in Jul 2014 on H1B. This is first time, I am filing for Tax returns in US.

I need to understand if I can include below for getting refund:

  1. Home Loan Interest paid in India.

  2. Expenses for Fuel/Mobile/Internet

  3. Medical insurance premium paid in US

  4. Medical insurance premium paid in India.

  5. Expenses for moving from India to US

Also, I got married in Nov’14, but my wife was here in 2015 only, can I claim for her?

Thanks in advance,

I am not very clear on homeloan part(But I have heard that you can claim it under certain conditions).

But for rest of expencese, if you want to show as tax deductions, you must itemize your deductions.

Google for standard deduction and itemized deductions for more details.

About your wife, you can claim her as a dependent even if she didnt arrive in US if you are only the sole earner of her expenses. File her ITIN(you need her Original passport and the ITIN application signed by her) along with your 2014 tax returns.