tax benefit-out of pocket cost

Hi, Tuition fee is very less in H4 visa compared with F1 visa. My husband is paying tuition fee, I am wondering whether he can claim as education expenses and in any way will it benefit in IRS tax reduction. Also whether is it worth getting education loan from India. please help me in this regard

Yes your husband could get tax exemption for your tuition fee, depending on various factors.

IRS website says... "You may be able to deduct qualified education expenses paid during the year for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent(s)."

Read more @ [Tuition and Fees Deduction]( on IRS website.

Ask the school to provide you the 1098-T form. I think you can reduce your taxable income up to 4000 USD, but your CPA would know the exact amount. Also, he can claim this if the return is filed as married-jointly.