Switching Employer on EAD


My Green Card is sponsored by my current Employer ABC. Iam past 180 days of pending I-485. I am still on H1B. My wife is working on EAD (valid till Feb 2015) I have offer from XYZ company. XYZ is not doing any visa/ GC work. They will only provide any docs if needed. I am thinking of changing my status to EAd and taking offer from XYZ.


1)Can I file AC21 and change employer?

2Then what happens to my GC? and wife’s EAD?

3)Does anyone have personal experience?

Thank you.

Assuming your new job is in the same or similar occupation category as the job you were sponsored for, you qualify for AC-21 and can continue the GC process with the new employer. Nothing happens to your GC or your wife’s EAD. It is best to submit AC-21 documents to USCIS when you change employers. That way, if the first company withdraws your I-140, it will continue to be valid under AC-21.