Surname too long to fit in DS160


	 H1b-VIsa Stamping ,The surname is too long to fit in the DS-160 form and the last 2 letters does not fit in, can i just leave the last 2 letters or is there any amendment form that i need to take along as now the surname in DS160 and Passport would be different.

	I have already been in US in L1 , and the name in SSN is different from the name in my VISA/Passport , will there be any issue if i quote the SSN no./License No. in DS160 cause of different name in SSN and Passport?
  1. I guess so. You can call Stanley (who now manage visa stamping process in India) to confirm.

  2. It should not be an issue as long as the name difference is substantial. VO can ask about this, and you can then answer truthfully why there is a discrepancy.