surname/last name issue

Hello sir,

My name picked in H1-B lottery. So my F-I129 filled as name First name: XXXXXX Surname: LNU

And in my all documents my name is : XXXXXX. But i heard that only one name will create problem in US. So i am thinking to change the name only in Passport as First name and Last name.

Please suggest me if is good to change name now my current case status is CASE WAS RECEIVED.

I have submitted my passport which having only first name and I-129 form as same as first name but no surname. Does it create problem that i get new passport number because of name mismatch in I129 form and older passport number.

Please suggest me what should be done now.

Appreciate your help.



Your passport should have Surname … Otherwise it’ll create problems in future

Please tell in above situation when i shoud go for name change aftet approvel of H1-B or now also i can go.
Because if i will go now then new passport number will be generated then is it valid

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get new passport with updated name. No adverse impact on your petition.

  2. Once H1 is approved, apply for amendment to get name corrected in 797 document.

  3. Go for stamping and get visa in new name.

Thank you Saurabh for this much clear aneswer. Please tell process of amendment 797 document and how much time it will take
Again many Thanks,

Employer will have to file H-1 amendment for you. It is form I-824 and processing could take few months.

Thanks you Saurabh,

One last question as avove you mentioned amendment H1-B , is this again new process to file H1-B. Or they consider my already selected H1-B. Do i need to again wait for lottery like previous.