Support letter with I129 has incorrect info

Hi All, @Saurabh

am planned to fly to India in two weeks and just after I got my H1B package from my employer attorney office, I found that the graduation year of my degree is mentioned incorrectly in the Support letter while filing H1B along with my form I-129.

My H1B was approved and I am working currently but since this will be my first H1B stamping I am scared as to what impact will it have on my Visa stamping?

I checked with the attorney and they said that since the petition is already approved and they cannot change the letter, it should not make any differance in the Visa interview. My other forms like I129, etc has all correct information but only this letter is erroneous.

Please help!!! I am on super thick situation.

Thanks in advance.

You may want to proceed with your attorney’s word…

You are not clear with what exactly is the mistake and where it is?

Ok, so the issue is while filing my H1B transfer last year, they mentioned incorrect year of my graduation. Instead of 2008 they mentioned 2010 in the support letter with I129. My H1B got approved and I started working with my current employer, now planning to go India and not sure if this may impact my stamping.

Makes sense?