Suggestion to choose between MBA and MS in US

Hi , 


I am an Indian and have pursued my BBA here in India after which i have been working in digital advertising industry since 3 years now, last i left from the position of Business development manager of a medium scale advertising company.


I want to pursue my studies further in the US in digital marketing field only.

In reference from your post   i am not sure whether whether want to be a Marketing Research Director  (MS ) or Marketing manager (MBA) of a company


Hence i am not sure about Doing MS or MBA


But i am sure that i not pursuing further studies for a ticket to roam aournd the world or make money while studying abroad.

My ultimate aim is to become a successful and well paid working professional (Preferred in home country )


Pls suggest which one sould i choose out of MBA and MS in digital advertising flied also suggest some good collages if possible.


Looking forward to your revert.


Thanks !

Well, I can imagine, it could be hard to decide…Let me ask you this,

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years ? Do you want to stay in Digital Marketing ? Do you want to switch gears and move to leadership ?

MBA can be used as a launch pad for changing careers, if you feel like changing your job…

If you want to stay in the same field and pursue more in the same area, you can go for MS, if not MBA would be helpful. Again, this is not a black and white answer, you need to think through and look out for all options.