Suggestion needed for shifting to US

Hi All

I have been offered a job in US for 75k dollars…I have my family (wife and kid) with me too…

Should I move there with this salary ? Is it sufficient enough for a family of 3 ? Would i be able to save something in this salary ??

Depends upon the location. You can then determine the federal and state taxes for your salary, and know your take-home income. Also, see how much will be your share of health insuance premium.

i am taking it as maximum tax city…so i assume my take home will be 50k…insurance for me nd wife will be borne by the company…kid insurance needs to be taken care by me

50K turns out around $4k in hand every month. Typical rent can be around $1500 (in CA, NY etc) while other expenses could be another $1500. That gives you a saving of $1000 pm. For a year, it is around $12,000. If you include non-regular expenses like airfare, vacation, emergencies etc then that’s not a big cushion.

Having said that, if the company/offer/job is good, then you can come through that employer and stay here. You can then look for alternate employment w/ another employer for better pay package.

you mean to say $1000 per month saving is not good ??? and as per the agreement i cannot change the job within one year…so that part comes in picture only after 1 year.

It’s a personal opinion. I have seen better savings in the Bay Area and that’s why I said so.

Bonded labor is prohibited in US. This means, your employer cannot force you to stay w/ them for 1 year. Either party can leave the other by giving a reasonable notice period. Companies at times make the employee sign such a contract to generate fear among their employees. You can get the contract reviewed by a labor attorney in US who can guide more.