Suggestion and process B1-F1-H1b


I have following things:

  1. B1 visa valid till 2016

  2. Expired H1 B petition.It was filed in 2008 and expired in nov 2011.But still valid as per other blogs and can be filed under H1B cap exempted category.


  1. Came to USA on B1 and I94 valid till aug 2013

One desi consultancy brought me here on B1 visa. I am searching job now.But problem is companies or vendors are asking SSN which i don’t have.Now consultancy people asking me to change to F1 so that i can get SSN.Then they said from F1 they will change to H1b using my expired petition.

consultancy plan was to do COS from B1 to H1b which is not happening because of SSN issue.

Please suggest me is it fine to do B1-F1-H1B?

what will be future problem with respect to my visa stamping?

consultancy people asking me to go to india for F1 stamping in that case my B1 will be removed and after that if F1 to H1b rejected then my both B1 and H1B gone.please suggest.