submission new affidavit for deferred admission by new sponsor

Dear Sir,
I wish to submit that my son get admission in a US university to do MS for spring 2013 term. By mistaken, the I20 has not reached him and it was sent back to US. Recently, on inquiry , it came to my notice that the university has deferred his admission from spring 2013 to fall 2014. And university authorities have requested to submit new affidavit of support and financial statement to issue new I20. When my son applied for spring 2013 admission, my brother-in-law (brother of my wife) was his sponsor. Now, for fall 2014 I would like to be his sponsor. In otherwords, the new affidavit of support would be issued on my name and in the new financial statement would be from my bank( instead of my brother-in-law’s name and his bank). Please let me know such a change in name and bank on new affidavit and financial statement create any problem for issuing new I20.
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Dear Raghav,

The examination of financial documents by university is a very simple step. They match a bank statement with suggested liquid funds needed for room, board, tuition for the first year and affirm in the I-20 that they have seen availability of funds. It does not matter to the University who is paying. That is a promise between the payor and the payee student but sometimes is reviewed at embassies. So the change will not impact anything at the I-20 issue stage.

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