Subject : About My H1b Visa Validity and Max outs Calculation.

We have stayed in USA during below period’s i.e 2.5 Years in L1B Visa

July 2008 to Mar 2009 : Visit1 (in L1B)

Aug 2010 to Jan 2012 :  Visit 2 (in L1B)

We went to India during Jan 2012 for vacation and L1B got refused during visa stamping though had L1B extension approval notice.

Again H1B got processed and got the H1B Visa effective from Oct 2012 to Sep 2013  . My Third visit to USA on June 2013 and till date.


We have already stayed in USA with L1B Visa  for 2.5 Years and went to india then stayed 16 months . Currently we are in with H1B stayed only in USA for 6 months . I believe total validity for H1B would be 6 Years . We have started utilizing the H1B only 6 months and still we can stay 5.5 Years with H1B Visa. Is that Corect?

Or 2.5 Years already stayed in USA with L1B would be calculated along with this H1B .i.e My maxout date would be reset that we stayed in india for 16 months between L1B and H1B. Please advise on this.

H1B is valid for 5.5 Years in ur case, irrespective of L1