Studying Ph.d in USA online .Can any one please help on this ?


I want to pursue Ph.d in USA.

I am already USA, green card recently holder with M.Tech (Computers) in INDIA in 2002.

Working here in USA from past 6 years.Now I want do Ph.d in computer sceince [b]"ONLINE". ( studying while working )[/b]


Can any one please help me to find a suitable university, how much it costs roughly, what are the things I need to be aware of.


Thanks in Advance

Phd is not entirely a coursework where u can take classes online and finish your degree. You need to physically talk to your advisor most of the time and work for him to finish your thesis.

If you want to do a Phd while you work, join an university close to your place so that you can visit the lab weekends, evenings after work and attend few classes. This part-time Phd is a good option to obtain your degree as you work. The few mandatory coursework that are part of the degree can be done online, if web classes for the course are offered.